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we understand that the process of getting a loan can seem daunting at times. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the confusing terms and jargon often used by lenders when organising your loan, but that’s where Cubic Finance Steps in!.
Our team of experienced professionals take the hard work out of assisting with the best suitable loan for you, by using our platforms and advance facilities to find the best loan product that perfectly suits your lifestyle.


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Safe and Secure Payments

We understand that our customers want their data to be safe from harm, and from the sight of those who would misuse it.

Quick Payments Process

Your loan is deposited into your designated bank account as soon as your loan application is approved with all processes duly passed.

Lowest Possible Interest Rates

Apply online with our unbeatable low interest rates for our loans tailored to suit your financial needs to Achieve Your Financial Needs.

Blacklisted | Low Credit scores

Those Blacklisted, Under- Debt-Review and with Low Credit Score can also apply with a high approval success rate.

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  • Borrow Amount From : R10, 000   up to R5, 000 000
  • 5% Interest Rate
  • Instant Approval
  • Expert & Certified
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How much do you need?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a personal loan, but loan amount is the most important. Along with loan term, the amount you borrow will determine your monthly instalments and the total cost of your loan. Use our simple personal loans repayment calculator to get an estimate of the monthly instalment of a loan of a certain size and term.

R 10000 R 500000
12 Months 240 Months

Pay Monthly R

Term of Use Months

Total Pay Back R

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*These calculators are provided only as general self-help Planning Tools. Results depend on other factors.


Satisfied Customers

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Customers Testimonials

Bongani Gugulethu

Bongani Gugulethu

Personal Loan

Ngizizwa ngijabule kakhulu ngokushiya imibono yami lapha kuwebhusayithi yakho mayelana nemalimboleko yomuntu siqu engiyithole ngokukhululeka ngokuphelele. Unikeze isevisi yamakhasimende enhle kakhulu futhi wanganelisa njengekhasimende ngezindlela eziningi. Kimina, isikhathi sibaluleke kakhulu futhi ngiyajabula ukuthi ithimba lakho linemibono yami futhi ngoba lokhu kubonakala emsebenzini wakho. Eqinisweni, nina bafana nibe ngabokuqala ukunginikeza lesi sikweletu.

Loreta Zuri

Loreta Zuri

Car Loan | Finance

I would like to praise the group on the occasion of giving me a car finance loan of a substantial quantity. The best point was the simple approval of the finance, although my credit rating records were not that excellent. I am honored with your services and it makes me really feel excellent! I wish to specifically give thanks to the team for such a fast and also updated action.

Suretha Govender

Suretha Govender

Debt Consolidate

Ek het sedert November 2021 met Zero Debt te doen en het geen probleme gehad nie. Ek kry maandeliks 'n staat van die Kredietburo om die betalings wat gemaak is ens te bevestig. Ek is seker hulle kan jou bystaan ​​in al die bogenoemde dienste wat hulle aanbied.

Peter Lubisi

Peter Lubisi

had a wonderful experience with Cubic Finance.Although it took some time for things to get through, but they wwere able to send funds. I do recommend the company for bad credit and blacklisted

Braam Weyers

Braam Weyers

Ek beveel hierdie maatskappy ten sterkste aan, hulle verduidelik alles behoorlik aan jou, hulle reageer altyd op e-posse, neem en stuur my oproepe terug. Hulle het hierdie proses moeitevry gemaak, jy hoor soveel gruwelverhale oor kredietfinansieringsmaatskappye, maar Credit Bence Finance is anders in alle vertakkings.

Adrian Jacobus

Adrian Jacobus

Always great using cubic finance in times of need.

Michael Garvie

Michael Garvie

Thanks for giving me the chance to build my credit score by lending from cubic finance and paying my loan amount before due date.

Phumlani Lawrence

Phumlani Lawrence

Last time they help me perfect they know their job. and they help you with dignity

Tinesha Blinx

Tinesha Blinx

Personal Loan

Finance of Choice and efficiency. Thank you Cubic Finance for always being so quick to respond and for follow up.


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Cubic Finance Group has adopted a Group-wide policy that adheres to International Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, as well as the IFC  (International Finance Corporation) exclusion list.

We have a solid governance framework of ethics, codes of conduct, policies and commitment to legal compliance. Our code of conduct commits us to high ethical standards.

Lowest Interest Rates & Fees

Transact with the cheapest low-cost banking service in South Africa, Almost Zero Charges

99.8% Success Rate Guarantee

Flexible with Your Repayments

Easy in 3 steps

*Submit application form with required documents. *Await approval, *Funds deposited into your bank account.

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Illustration of the total cost of a personal loan

tickTotal amount borrowed: R 10,000
tickTime period:  12 Months to 36 Months
tick Interest Rate: 5.0%
tickProcessing Fee payable to: 3% to 3.5% of loan amount
tickTotal Monthly Cost – From R 856.07 for 12 Months R 10,000 loan at 5.0% (lowest rate, longest time period) to R 438.71 for 24 Months R10,000 loan at 5.0% (highest rate, shortest time period). This is inclusive of principal repayment.
tickAnnual Percentage Rate (APR) of charge including all applicable fees: 5.0%.
tickTotal cost payable over loan tenure: R 10,272.90 for 12 Months loan.

Disclosure Notice

➜ You apply for a loan goverened by the National Credit Regulation Act (12 N.S.C 2601 et seq.) NCR gives you certain rights under Federal Law.

➜ You have to repay your loan at the stipulated period to avoid late repayment fees and blacklisting.

➜ The loan for which you apply for will be serviced at this financial institution and we do not intend to sell, transfer or assign the servicing of this loan.

➜ Do not pay intermediaries. Call our customer support for assistance.
➜ To report fraudulent activities, contact our fraud department through:

Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don’t pay any intermediaries.

Customer Service/ Complaint Hotline:
+27878027714  (Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm)

Please note that we are registered with NCR. See the below guidelines when applying for a loan:

Implications of Non Payments

Minimum loan period 12 months Maximum loan period 240 months. Maximum APa

There should only be initial cost if your monthly debit order was unsuccessful as a result of insufficient funds or changing bank accounts without prior notice to the service provider. The service provider will try to contact the client in order to resolve the problem.

If the client can’t be found or the problem can’t be solved, it would be handed over to the internal collections department to see if a solution to the problem can be found. If an agreement can’t be reached, the lender can make use of an external collections company or an attorney.

This will lead to an increase in fees and interest. This will have a big influence on the clients credit score and it will be very difficult to get any more credit from any loan provider.

Monthly premiums for loan repayments will be done by direct debit order collection from the clients bank account. Unsuccessful debit order collections may result in the client being charged a fee by his own bank for the unsuccessful transaction.

Maximum APR 32% per annum. Representative example: Loan amount R100 000, 4 Years. terms: (Annual Percentage Rate) 5%, monthly repayment R2,348.50. The interest rate will depend on the loan amount, loan term, and credit profile of the applicant.

Annual Percentage Rate

Minimum loan period 12 months Maximum loan period 240 months. Maximum APR 32% per annum. Representative example: Loan amount R100 000, terms: (Annual Percentage Rate) 5%, monthly repayment R2,348.50. The interest rate will depend on the loan amount, loan term, and credit profile of the applicant.


Renewal Policy

If a client is up to date with his loan repayments, they may qualify for a second or third loan depending on the criteria as set by the loan company. The client will have to apply again and the loan provider will look at the clients profile, affordability, etc. The loan provider will then make a decision based on the rules and regulations as set by the NCR.